A number of our releases are now available for download or streaming via Bandcamp or at Boomkat. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy the music.


Thank you and goodbye!


30/11/2015 - Vibracathedral Orchestra LP out now!

Very happy to announce a new release by the glorious Vibracathedral Orchestra! Please see the shop page for more info. Also the closing sale is still on so please consider picking up a bargain.

This is the final release from Krayon.

Vibracathedral Orchestra LP out now!

26/01/2015 - Closing Sale

I've decided to stop doing Krayon. Its not been active for a while and now seems to be the right time to stop. Therefore, all items in the shop have been marked down to half price. Please tuck in and share the news with anyone who may be interested.

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has released music, played a gig, made art, bought or distributed records, came to a show, wrote words or were otherwise involved in or supportive of the label. Without each and everyone of you none of it would have been possible. Thank you!

Closing Sale

02/09/2013 - Thursday 3rd October: Wanda Group, Joane Skyler & Yaaard

Wanda Group

Its been interesting watching Louis Johnstone's transition from Dem Hunger to Wanda Group via a lifetime of aliases. Common threads weave throughout his music, artwork and online presence which give a warming personality to his art no matter how seemingly disparate at first approach. However, the recent spate of Wanda Group/Hers releases have been the apex so far and its seemingly just getting better & better.

To me, it sounds like he's individually piecing this music together, cutting tiny samples of broken connections, surface mounted microphone vibrations, field recordings of moments of his life, analogue based errors and reforming them piece by piece into hyper detailed, uniquely natural sounding overlapping textural layers. There are moments, almost signifiers, that work there way to the surface such as; submerged rhythmic anchors, warbled chords from some discarded street found media, distant synth motifs heard through adjoining walls or assorted VST trickery. However, its ultimately all bought together into a baffling mix tape style production of silver tides of sparkling crackle and fragmented electrical mutations to create a beautiful weather-beaten rock-formation audio mirage.

Joane Skyler

The sounds herein are mainly derived form a pair of circuit bent cassette decks but the magic within is the process is seemingly transparent. Power staved tape dragged pitch deviations roll in and out of focus with each other creating a thick haze of slowly moving harmonically rich synthetic tone. The augmented mechanical fragility of the formats inherent musicality weave in and out of rhythmic foundations with precision tweakers ease, while the rhythms transform from straight ferric thugin' to glorious metric tumble. Joane takes us on a true ear trip through deep sound worlds, kind of like strolling around her imagination; from in front of the PA to some bug eyed hyper tone/colour/touch sensitive outside observation deck, doors open and close to new rooms, beguiling twists and turns in the theme of the moment and stop/start motion visions of her own personal rave.


Last time I saw Christopher Catlin play live he spent most of his time hard rebooting his 1-bit digital abacus while weeping uncontrollably into his cider and breathing deeply into a brown paper bag marked 'live'. Country gent, Yaaard mk.II now spends his time singing love songs to a BRAND NEW SUPER COMPUTER, the type of thing Peter Zinovieff could have only dreamt of when his shed was full of I/O processing power. Ditching the play song, clap, repeat cycle for a continuum of fuzzed out drool and bell tone chime over squashed xox based pop nirvana. Watch the future as Yaaard and Reckno rise from the flames and dictate your ears into trusted lands.

Thursday 3rd October, The Winchester (Vault), 39 Poole Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5PW. Doors at 8, 5 pounds entry. Flyer art by Louis Johnstone.

Thursday 3rd October: Wanda Group, Joane Skyler & Yaaard

21/05/2012 - Tuesday 19th June: Temperatures, Bolide & Dylan Nyoukis / Duncan Harrison


Drum triggered Arp 2600 modulating limb feedback cycle, combined with total wig flipping high octave bass walk and fuzzed out resonating membrane mumble. They've an amazing split with A Middle Sex on the Carnivals label, couple of great LPs and Thurston Moore of those Sonic Youths loves them.

Dylan Nyoukis / Duncan Harrison

True swamp creeping aural trip; larynx contorting head scratching magnetic mangle, warbled ticks and slow fits of ferric drag. Duncan also plays in Plurals while Dylan is half of Blood Stereo and curates the incredible Colour Out of Space festival and Chocolate Monk label.


Chaotic large ensemble lets go approach of the A-band heads down rattle & ruffle oomph, where miniaturised self taught pipe huffing ornithological swirl meets free tap clatter and effects pedal tweak.

Tuesday 19th June, The Winchester (Vault), 39 Poole Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5PW. Doors at 8, 5 pounds entry.

Tuesday 19th June: Temperatures, Bolide & Dylan Nyoukis / Duncan Harrison

14/02/2012 - Le Drapeau Noir C30 out now.

New cassette available now by Le Drapeau Noir, a septet featuring; Syed Kamran Ali, Kelly Jayne Jones, Fiona Kennedy, Rob Lye, Jon Marshall, Ben Morris and Pascal Nichols, please see the shop page for more details.

Le Drapeau Noir C30 out now.
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