26/03/2010 - Past Shows

For the sake of preservation here is a list of the artists who have previously played a gig for us; Alexander Hawkins & Richard Preston Duo, Alpine Lager, A Wake, Dogfrog, Dutch Husband, El Fog, Gish, Golden Oaks Three Billion, Infinite Light, Jason Kerley, Jerome Richards, King Rib, Little Boat, Little Creature, MoHa!, Neptune, No Context, Pan Am Scan & Patrick Farmer, Sancho, Serfs, Skitanja, $un$hine Republic, Tex La Homa, The A. Lords & Aine O'Dwyer, The Boats, The Mylar Blackout, True Swamp Neglect, Vodka Soap, Whole Voyald Infinite Light

Flyer by Fliss Horrocks.

Past Shows

24/03/2010 - Krayon Recordings Dot Net

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